For the providers, who service car crash victims, we intend to offer the essential content that addresses the overall questions of providers servicing car crash victims.

First, CCN intends to offer providers answers to their business questions with comprehensive content provided by its selected gurus.

Second, CCN intends to offer interactive communications between CCN's visitors and its gurus.

Third, CCN intends to offer a directory of relevant local services necessary for developing their business.

Fourth, CCN intends to offer a forum for providers to promote their services to their potential customer market.

CCN will expand its available resources with customer demands, desires and needs.

For the car crash victims, CCN intends to offer them information sufficient to help them navigate the complexities of the insurance contract and we offer them access to the providers necessary to facilitate their physical and financial recovery under that contract.

Mission Statement

Car Crash Network ("CCN") seeks to create the premier community for the industry that services individuals involved in car crashes. CCN intends to provide its niche community with the most reliable, comprehensive, up-to-date and practical content necessary to help the providers profitably and efficiently service car crash victims and to help car crash victims minimize the stresses involved following the crash and to help such victims navigate the overwhelming car insurance contract.