For years, providers regularly serviced car crash victims and willingly filed auto insurance claims without concern whether they would receive adequate compensation for such services. Now, however, such providers and victims file less claims because they find it more difficult to recover in the age of tort reform, overzealous fraud investigations and hotbed political debates about auto insurance regulations.

Unfortunately over the past ten years, many of the victims and providers involved in the industry were motivated primarily by greed and fostered an environment that valued servicing quantity more than it valued quality service.

As a result, victims who have real claims now not only find it difficult to locate quality service providers, but also find it more difficult to recover compensation to which they are entitled under the auto insurance contract.

In moving forward, providers sought by car crash victims need to improve the quality of their services and need to comprehend better their right to recover under the victims' insurance contracts. Accordingly, such providers can service less quantity and can recover more by providing higher quality service.

We at CCN intend to enhance proficiency and profitability for industry members, who service car crash victims in this increasingly difficult environment. We also intend to mobilize the victims with the necessary information they need not only to handle the stressors of being involved in a car crash but also to navigate the complexities involved in effectuating coverage under the auto contract after an accident.

Mission Statement

Car Crash Network ("CCN") seeks to create the premier community for the industry that services individuals involved in car crashes. CCN intends to provide its niche community with the most reliable, comprehensive, up-to-date and practical content necessary to help the providers profitably and efficiently service car crash victims and to help car crash victims minimize the stresses involved following the crash and to help such victims navigate the overwhelming car insurance contract.